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daily basis. They will take a few minutes at the end of the day to talk to me about any
issues and successes he has. You can tell the staff love the kids and it is just not a job.
They truly love developing and molding the kids. My son always looks forward to
coming to “school” and playing with his friends. He has developed educationally
from all stages of BBA. His dad and I are always amazed at the new things he learns
and brings home.  He loves all the teachers and staff, we even have to include them
in our prayers at bedtime. "   -
Mason's Mom
"We looked at several daycares before our son was born.  The first thing that struck us
as different when we walked into Building Blockz Academy was the interaction
between the staff and children.  There was a level of caring that we hadn’t seen at
any other daycare we visited.  When our son started at BBA, we felt comfortable from
day 1.  If we can’t spend the day with him, the next best option is BBA.  Our son
participates in educational activities, eats well balanced meals (that are provided at
no extra charge), and has fun with other children his age.  Most importantly, the staff
at BBA shows our son kindness and love that we never thought would be possible at a
daycare.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision."
- Tyler's Mom
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"My two year old has been at Building Blockz since he was about 3 months old. He
has grown up there and become really attached to his teachers. All the teachers are
really great and seem to really care about the kids. I like the educational aspect of
the center. Every day he does something educational whether it’s flash cards,
reading, sign language, etc. He is always happy to go to school and actually runs
away from me when I go to pick him up! I wouldn’t put him anywhere else!"
- Blake's
older son completed private kindergarten there in 2013 and my younger daughter
started in the infant room and is now is preschool there.  I can’t say enough good
things about BBA.  The teachers and administration truly love and care about the
children.  My kids have learned so much there, and my son was extremely well
prepared for first grade at a private elementary school after completing kindergarten
at BBA.  My daughter loves school and looks forward to going every day.  It is a warm,
loving and fun environment for children with a great staff.  I look forward to my
daughter staying there through the rest of her preschool and kindergarten years—as
long as we live in the area BBA is the only daycare/preschool we would consider
sending our daughter to!" -
Elizabeth's Mom
Camp Hill, PA  17011
Phone:  (717) 737-1471
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Hours: 6:30am to 6:30pm
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