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Health and Safety Guidelines

Your child's health is important to us. When you enroll your child, you are required by the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to file a health appraisal with us, which must be signed by a
physician, and updated according to the to the AAP schedule. This heath appraisal does include
certain standard immunizations and tuberculin clearance.

In the event that your child does become ill during that day, you will be notified of your child’s
condition.  You may be asked at this time to pick up your child within one hour after we have
contacted you.  Our Administration personnel will follow the health standards established by the
(AAP) American Academy of Pediatrics.  When dealing with an illness or communicable disease,
prior to calling that parent the Assistant Director/Director/Owner will make an assessment whether
the child may or may not remain in the classroom.

For everyone’s protection, children will not be permitted to be in the classroom or continue attending
the center if any of the following are evident:
- A heavy nasal discharge
- A persistent cough
- A high fever (100 degrees or above)
- Vomiting
- Diarrhea that cannot be contained in a diaper or a child that has 3 instances of diarrhea
in one hour
- Rash of unknown origin
- Discharge or redness of the eyes and/or ears

If your child contracts a communicable disease, please notify the center so we can inform the staff
and parent to look for symptoms in the other children.  If your child does leave the center or does not
attend the center due to illness, they may return once they have been on medication, not
symptomatic or you have a doctor’s note that indicates that the child is able to return.  If your child is
sent home due to illness he or she must stay at home the following day. This policy was developed
for the safety of your children as well as the safety of other children.  Our policy is also in
accordance with the Department of Public Welfare’s regulation numbers 3270.136 and 3270.137.

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