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Private Kindergarten

Building Blockz Academy offers a private kindergarten program that is certified by the
Department of Education. While enrolled in our full day kindergarten program, your child will
participate in center based learning and small group instruction. A lower teacher to student ratio
allows students to better interact with the teacher and fosters an inviting atmosphere for learning.  
To provide the smoothest transition to first grade for your child, our curriculum is aligned with local
public kindergarten programs. Private kindergarten is available to children beginning at 4 years
10 months, and they have the ability to go right into first grade. The rate for private kindergarten
also includes before and after school care.

Areas of Focus in Kindergarten:
    - Fine Motor Skills
    - Gross Motor Skills
    - Math Skills
    - Reading Readiness
    - Writing Skills
    - Science and Social Studies
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1871 Center Street
Camp Hill, PA  17011
Phone:  (717) 737-1471
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